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Postgraduate Programmes

1. Master of Fine Arts

Degree Type: Academic Degree

Research Interests:

01  (Full-time) Art History (Arts during Ming and Qing Dynasties)

02  (Full-time) Methods and Thoeries of Painting Creation

03  (Full-time) Decorative Art and Traditional Handicraft

2.  Master of Fine Arts

Degree Type: Professional degree

Discipline Ⅰ: Fine Arts

Research Interests:

01 Chinese painting

02 Oil painting

03 Lacquer Art and Decorative Art

Discipline Ⅱ: Art and Design

Research Interests:

01 Visual Communication

02Environmental Art Design

3.Master of Education

Degree Type: Professional Degree

Discipline:Subject Pedagogy(Fine Arts)

Research Interests:

01(Full-time) Subject Pedagogy(Fine Arts)

02(Part-time) Subject Pedagogy(Fine Arts)

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