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    College of Fine Arts and Design was funded in June 2014, its story can be traced back to the major of Architectural Decoration Engineering established by the faculty of Civil Engineering in primary JiangSu Hydraulic Engineering Specialist in 1990 and the Arts department established by primary YangZhou Normal College in 1993.

    Four bachelor’s degree programmes including Fine Arts, Environmental Design, Clothing and Fashion Design as well as Public Art are now offered. We are authorized to confer first-level master degree of Fine Arts, to grant Master of Fine Arts (Arts, Design) and to grant part-time Master of Education (Fine Arts), launched with university-level key discipline. This college is also introduced with several university-level research institutes like Ceram Research Institute of YangZhou University, YangZhou Folk Art Research Institute and YangZhou Eight Eccentrics Research Insitute.

    In current stage, our college has a total staff in-service of 69, among whom, 58 are full-time teachers, 27 are master’s supervisors, 8 are professors, 17 of them have doctoral degree, 4 of them are doctoral candidates. The total full-time undergraduates enrolment is 792, while master degree candidates are 103. Moreover, more than 40 domestic and overseas specialists as well as famous artists are engaged as visting professors and part-time master’s supervisors.

    The college ia established with multi-function exhibition hall, computer aided design room and laboratories for the ceram making, lacquer making, modeling, and provided with places for teaching practice like multimedia classrooms, computer rooms, owning abundant books as well as calligraphy and painting materials.

    For the past few years, the college-running has been urgraded upon the foundation of primary College of Arts, all undertakings have achieved substantial and healthy development. It was one of the national higher normal art education reform polit sites selected by the Ministry of National Education, securing the title of the National College Art Education Advanced Unit. More than 40 research projects have been accomplished or are undergoing, among which, 2 are national projects, one research output has been awarded the first prize of outstanding achievement granted by  Ministry of National Education and JiangSu province respectively. One teaching reform achievement gained the second class prize of National, Provincial General Higher Educational Excellent Teaching Results. 2 research outputs won the third prize of the Provincial Humanities and Social Sciences Research Outputs. Educational collaborative training bases for Masters have been established in ShanDong, GuiZhou, SiChuan etc.

    All students and faculty take an active part in all kinds of artistic exchange activities, their calligraphy and paintings and design works have been exhibited and awarded in several professional competitions domestic and overseas. One Environment Design student work was awarded the third prize of the National Advertising Art Contest for College Students, students of Fine Arts won the first and second prize of the Teaching Basic Skills Contest for JiangSu Normal University Students, students of Clothing and Fashion Design won the Excellent Newcomer Award of the 22nd China Fashion Design, artistic work of our Masters were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes of the JiangSu College Students Art Exhibition, etc..

    We grasp the direction for discipline development of Fine Arts, work close to the actual needs of the economic growth. Basing in JiangSu and facing the whole nation, the department focuses on serving the economic, cultural and art development of the Yangtze River Delta region, putting forth effort on train students being expert in one field while possessing all-round knowledge and ability, with high comprehensive quality, high employability and strong entrepreneurial competence, becoming application-oriented talented person who are developing the sense of social responsibility, the spirit of innovation and the ability of practice. The goal of the department is to persist in coordinating the growth of teaching with research and creation, to continually enhance discipline core construction, to further enhance the level of major construction, to vigorously expand new-rising subjects, to make great efforts in forming the educational pattern that has strong foundation of all disciplines with distinct characteristics, to do all we can to be the leading teaching and research oriented college among domestic congener colleges, to be the training base for JiangSu art teachers, creation and art designers. (2018.10)

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